Luxury Dog Boarding

Dog boarding at The Bark is special. It's a dog boarding experience your dog cannot get anywhere else in Knoxville, TN. Our dog boarding staff is committed to giving your dog a great stay at The Bark free of fear and full of fun.

Starts At $100

per day for one dog

Add A Dog For $20

limit 2-3 per room

Holiday rates may apply. Room capacity is based on dog size.

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    Add-On Activities

    One Hour Private Dog Training Lesson$80 per lesson
    One Hour Hike at Knoxville's Urban Wilderness$75 per hike
    Visit to River Dog Bakery to pick out a special treat$75 per visit

    Add-On Treats & Merch

    Non-consumable items and leftovers will be sent home with your dog after pickup.

    Totally Pooched Puzzle n' Play$27 puzzle toy

    Puzzle Toy Filler: You can bring your own filler (i.e. a jar of peanut butter), we can use the dog food you provide, or you can select a premium filler for the puzzle toy.

    Lambwolf Snuffle Mushroom$22 puzzle toy
    Etta Says Mega Chew$10 per chew
    Portland Petfood$7.50 per bag

    Dog Grooming

    Would you like to add on a dog grooming service with your boarding stay? If yes, we will call you to set up the exact service and pricing. You can learn more about the grooming services we offer on our dog grooming page.

    Have you set up your pet profile? Log in to enter your dog's feeding schedule and other important information.

    Included with all boarding reservations:

    • Private Dog Boarding Suite (200-400 sq ft)
    • Daily leashed walk
    • Enrichment toys at meal time
    • Doggy Daycare playgroup Monday through Friday
    • Yard time
    • Daily report card emailed to fur parents

    Dogs boarded at The Bark get a private suite all to themselves or to share with their other house dogs. Rooms have a bed for each dog and other elements to make the room feel like home. Classical music is played through the rooms to maintain a peaceful environment.

    The Bark is not a kennel environment. It is very important to us to maintain a calming environment for all dogs that board with us. The rooms are set up with a bed and other furniture to make it feel like a home.