Park Rules

  • Play must be balanced. All dogs should be having fun.
  • No mounting, humping.
  • No collar grabbing.
  • No outside toys or treats.
  • Body harnesses required. No flat collars.
  • Absolutely no biting. The Bark has a zero tolerance policy for aggressive behavior.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when entering and exiting the building. Dogs may only be taken off leash in the designated play areas.
  • While our staff will be monitoring the play spaces, we do ask that you keep a watchful eye on your dog and choose seating areas within view of your dog's play space. We want to make sure all the dogs in our park are happy, safe, and comfortable. At the end of the day no one knows their behavior better than you.
  • Any fighting, biting, excessive barking, or uncontrolled problem behaviors will result in being asked to head home for the day. While we understand this can be play, these types of behaviors can bring stress to the environment and can cause dogs to escalate their behavior quickly.
  • Please encourage outdoor bathroom use. There will be indoor potty pads available and a cleanup crew, but everyone at The Bark will have a better time if most of the canine bathroom usage happens outside.
  • The Bark will limit 2 humans per dog during busy times.

If your dog is showing signs of inappropriate play behavior you should:

  1. Recall your dog away from the situation.
  2. Make sure your dog is calm before you release them to continue playing.
  3. If your dog resumes inapporiate play behavior, take a leashed break outside of the playspace.
  4. After reentry, if your dog again resumes inapporiate play behavior, it is time to head home for the day.