Dog Trainer Application

Please fill out form below for a chance at employment at The Bark Knoxville. Your application will be reviewed promptly, and you will be contacted via phone or email to set up an interview if you are a likely candidate for the position. Click the button below to see the accompanying job description.

Certified Dog Trainer

Pay Rate: $17-23 per hour

Full time and part time options. Multiple positions available.


  • Certification and previous experience required
  • Experience with behavior issues such as reactivity and separation anxiety
  • Positive reinforcement training methods only
  • Smart phone with data plan

Job Description

  • Work within small team setting
  • Evaluate dogs and consult with clients prior to starting training
  • Create and execute training plan
  • Track progress of dogs and engage in team meeting to keep dogs progressing
  • Teach and consult with clients how training methods work and how to maintain training
  • Group classes and private lessons
  • Board and train at The Bark
  • Four day work week encouraged

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    Submission of a resumé is encouraged. PDF file type accepted.