Group Classes

Group dog training classes are a fun way to learn new skills and improve your dog's skills around distractions, other dogs, and new people. Our group classes are organized into courses. You can choose to take a full course or pick individual lessons.

Four Lesson Package: $180

Single Lesson: $50

Each of the following group classes is offered in a 4 lesson package. You can mix and match classes and lessons with purchase of the package, or choose a single lesson that is right for your dog.

Obedience 101: Learn and polish up your dogs basic commands and foundational behaviors. This course is perfect for puppies who are just starting out or dogs who maybe know a few things but aren't reliable to respond.

  • Lesson 1: Sit and Focus
  • Lesson 2: Leashing Walking and Leave It
  • Lesson 3: Stay and Lay
  • Lesson 4: Come and Touch

Obedience 102: Take your skills to the next level! This course is great for older puppies or experienced dogs who know their basics but are looking to strengthen those commands and learn more advanced level skills.

  • Lesson 1: Leash Walking and "Heel"
  • Lesson 2: Stays and Come (Long Distance)
  • Lesson 3: Place and Targeting
  • Lesson 4: Take it and Drop it

Socializing Basics: Does your dog go crazy around other dogs or maybe they shut down? Come learn how to make a proper introductions, spy aggressive dogs, and set you dog up for social success.

  • Lesson 1: Body Language Cues
  • Lesson 2: How to calm your dog around other dogs
  • Lesson 3: Safe and Calm Introductions paired with dogs chosen by your trainer
  • Lesson 4: Picking dogs within the group and running introductions on your own

Our group classes have a class limit of eight dogs.