Private Training

Give your dog the one-on-one attention they deserve with our private training courses at The Bark. From basic obedience to serious behavioral issues, our positive reinforcment dog trainers have you covered with our proven positive dog training techniques.

Unlike group classes, your dog will get the opportunity to learn in a controlled environment that adds stimuli as your dog's skill level increases. Our private dog training lessons also have the added benefits of having flexible scheduling instead of a fixed class time. All private courses come with a personalized training plan.

Six Lesson Obedience Package: $575

Single Lesson: $100

Obedience lessons are perfect for puppies and dogs looking to learn new skills and improve their impulse control. Your positive dog trainer will guide you through personalized lessons to achieve your dog training goals.

Six Lesson Aggression & Anxiety Management Package: $675

Single Lesson: $125

Aggression and anxiety can really put a damper on your relationship with your dog. Private training lessons are perfect for dogs struggling with these more serious behavior issues. It can allow them to have the space and time they need to learn and progress their skills. Our positive dog trainers will guide you through personalized lessons to help you identify and address the source of your dog's aggression and/or anxiety.