Behavior Pre-Check: What You Need To Know

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Your dog is so good and you are hoping we see it too? You are not alone, a lot of customers come into our lobby nervous about their Behavior Pre Check. Our behavior checks are important to make sure we are inviting dogs to join our playgroups that are friendly and most importantly comfortable! There is very little reason to worry. The pre-check only takes about 15-20 mins and less than 1% of the dogs we see do not pass their behavior check the first time. For those dog's that don't get to pass their first day there are a lot of Dog Training Options to help your dog gain more confidence and comfortability within playgroups during doggy daycare or dog park visits. So many have passed and your dog can too!

Behavior Pre-Check Overview

  • Step 1: Behavior History Questionnaire One of our Barkrangers will sit down and ask you questions about your dog's history playing with dogs. They will ask questions to learn more about your dog's temperament and play style. Do they like to chase? Do they like to wrestle? Are they laid back? Are they bursting with energy all the time? We want to know.
  • Step 2: Greeting a Stranger Our Barkranger will offer to let your dog approach them on their own. They will pet your dog and inspect their harness to see if handling is an issue at all. Barkrangers have an important job to maintain safety within the playgroups and sometimes that means separating dogs or having a dog walk away. Being able to touch your dog and grab their harness is important for everyone's safety.
  • Step 3: Sniff Test with One Dog Your dog will take a walk on leash to go visit a new dog. They will do some short sniffs while our Barkrangers are monitoring body language.
  • Step 4: Meeting a Group of Dogs If your dog does well on their sniff test, they may be invited to join a group of dogs to finish their pre-check.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to schedule my Behavior Pre-Check? No, you are welcome to do a walk-in for your pre-check and get service the same day. We do not perform them Monday-Friday 12-3pm so our staff can take their lunch breaks. Scheduling your pre-check does allow us to plan for your visit and minimize any wait time.
  • Can my dog visit the dog park or stay for doggy daycare the same day as their pre check? Yes, if your dog passes their Behavior Pre-Check they can immediately join a playgroup!
  • What if my dog doesn't pass? We recommend your dog joins our day training program where our trainers work one-on-one with your dog during daycare to help ease them into a playgroup or you can start working alongside one of our positive trainers through private or in-home lessons.

Your dog is just a short 15-20 minute pre-check away from a day full of fun and off leash play! Schedule your dog's behavior pre-check today and they'll be enjoying doggy daycare while your work and running around the dog park with you while you enjoy a cold beer. Be ready for your visit by logging into the pet portal and uploading your dog's proof of vaccines!