Is Board & Train Right For My Dog?

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Long work hours, kids, cleaning the house, and the million other things on your to do list can prevent you from being able to spend the time your dog needs on dog training. We know that with such busy schedules, the last thing you want to come home to in a misbehaving dog. How frustrating!


Board and train programs can be a really attractive dog training option in these situations. Your dog gets dedicated, daily attention to their training needs, you get a short break, and your dog will return home with better behavior than they left. Its just that simple right? Not quite. Board and train is a great option for a lot of dogs and owners, but it may not fit every dog and client.

How does board and train work?

At The Bark, our trainers first want to meet with you to discuss your dog training goals. Our professional dog trainers will evaluate your dogs behavior to suggest a length of stay that can accommodate your goals. Your dog training goals could include work on obedience, impulse control, and even address issues like fear, anxiety, and dog aggression. Our dog trainers use positive reinforcement and dog psychology to reach your training goals. We never use e-collars, prong/choke collars, or starvation tactics. You will receive daily updates about your dog's successes and struggles so you can monitor how they are progressing through their dog training program. Upon return your trainer will go over the skills they learned and make sure you know how to maintain the progress that was made and continue to build even better behavior over time.

How is Board & Train so fast?

It's all in the numbers, hours of daily practice from our dog trainers adds up quickly. It would take the typical dog owner months to get through the amount of training hours we complete in a couple weeks. The full immersive experience and consistency of a Board & Train program is largely why dogs make such huge strides in a short period of time.The most important thing to remember about training your dog, is the work is never done. If you don't use it, you lose it. It is important to practice your dog's new skills to keep them on the right track.

What kind of goals can Board and Train help my dog reach?

  • Basic Obedience
  • Improving Impulse Control
  • Resource Guarding
  • Dog Aggression
  • Off Leash Skills
  • Public Manners
  • So much more!

Where do I sign up?

Our board and train availability is limited and books up very quickly. You aren't alone a LOT of dog owners struggle to find the time and patience to train their dog. Book a complimentary, in-home meet and greet with a trainer today to discuss your goals and reserve a date for your dog to get started. Better behavior is only two weeks away!