Day Training: The Board & Train Alternative You Need To Know About

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Leaving your dog for weeks with a stranger can be scary! What if your dog gets lonely? God forbid they don't eat enough! You can search for a fear-free Positive Board and Train program like we have at The Bark but they are few and far between and you still may not love the idea of not seeing your dog for weeks. There is an alternative! Its called day training!

What is Day Training?

Day training is where you drop your dog off at school in the morning and pick them up at in the evening. Your dog still gets the individualized dog training attention that they need and you still get the perks of having a professional put in the training hours for you. You are in charge of all their meal times before and after their day of dog training and you get a cute report card all about their day and progress!

How long does Day Training Take?

In a traditional board and train program you dog finishes their training in just a couple weeks. That's made possible by the amount of hours the trainers has to pour into them day after day and the consistency the dog gets since they don't have any other interactions. How long Day Training takes is really dependent on how often you dog is coming to dog training class and how well you are maintaining the program at home overnight.Day Training usually takes place over a few months but can be done in weeks if they dog is scheduled for daily lessons.

Does my dog train ALL day at Day Training?

We could have the best treats in the world and no dog is going to train all day long. Their brains have the stamina for about 1-2 hours of training per day and the shorter the intervals the better it sticks! Day training dogs participate in numerous one on one training sessions with their positive dog trainers. The time between sessions they can spend in a playgroup with other dog friendly dogs, or if they are not dog friendly, they get a private and spacious suite all to themselves with interactive toys!

How much does day training cost?

We charge for day training by the hour. You can purchase (1) hour session for $100 or get a package of (10) one hour sessions for $800.

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