Is Doggy Daycare Worth The Cost?

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A day running around dog friends sounds like fun for your dog, but is doggy daycare really worth the cost? Doggy daycare isn't just play time, for some dogs and pet parents it is crucial to maintaining balance and meeting a dog"s needs.


Knowing how and when to socialize your dog can be hard and scary! What if the dogs you introduce them to aren't friendly? A quality doggy daycare program performs a behavior check to ensure the dogs coming to playgroup are balanced players who are friendly. You also want to find a program that offers different groups for different temperaments.

Keep your dog active & fit

Did you know dogs require a minimum of 30-120 minutes per day of exercise everyday! That can add up to 14 hours per week for some active breeds! It isn't always easy to squeeze in essential dog walks before and after work and it sure shows in their behavior at home. Restlessness, digging holes, whining, chewing things up, licking obsessively, escape artistry and nuisance barking can all signs your dog is B-O-R-E-D. Doggy daycare can be an essential tool in ensuring your dog gets enough exercise.

Give your dog something to do during the day

Laying around doing nothing for eight or ten hours per day isn't your dog's idea of nice time. All of that idleness can actually stress your dog out. This stress and restlessness is often what lead to destruction and other signs of separation anxiety when pet parents leave in the home. The cost of repairing your home and replacing your belongings far exceeds the cost of doggy daycare.

Having a Doggy Daycare can save you in a pickle

Doggy Daycare in Knoxville, TN is hard to get into! Most places are on a waiting list and a last minute pop in as a new customer will often get you turned away at the door. Doggy daycare can be a great place to send your dog when staying home for the day isn't a good option like when a repair visits, you are moving, or maybe the AC goes out. Having people you trust to watch your dog for the day is invaluable!

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