Boarding: The Bark Experience

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Kennel environments can be loud, stressful, and smelly! While you are off enjoying your next vacation, your dog deserves a similar relaxing experience while they are at dog boarding. The dog boarding suites at The Bark are set up like bedrooms with cozy beds, furniture, toys, and everything your dog needs to be comfortable.

No Kennels, It Feels Like Home

Our boarding suites feature a solid door on the front of each room to ensure they aren't being disturbed by dogs and people passing by. In the rooms you will smell a hint of lavender and the sound of classical music, all designed to keep your dog calm and feeling relaxed.

Basic Care is Never an Add On

You don't have to worry about picking your dog up from dog boarding and ending up with a much higher bill than anticipated. Basic care is never an up-charge at The Bark. All of our boarding dogs have their bathroom breaks on four hour intervals (two hours for puppies) and staff is tracking if there are having accidents in their dog boarding room.

If your dog is unable to hold it for four hours, their bathroom breaks are adjusted to encourage outdoor bathroom usage. All dogs boarding at the bark get the opportunity to join play groups throughout the day if they can pass our Behavior Pre-Check. All potty breaks, play time, snuggles, meal times, and medication administrations are included in the cost of boarding.

Pet Parents Get Nightly Updates

Knowing how your dog is doing at dog boarding is no question at The Bark. Pet Parents receive a nightly report card about their dog's day including pictures and videos. We will keep you up to date about how your dog is feeling, what activities they got up to, and any concerns we might have.

Dog Proofed, Dog Safe

All of our boarding rooms and play spaces are designed with your dog in mind. Our doors have safety locks on them. We have a system of gates and doorways to make sure they stay secure in our facility. The play spaces have play equipment that your dogs can enjoy safely! Even the cleaner we use in our building is up to veterinary standards and totally safe for your dog!Interested in boarding your dog at The Bark? Private rooms are $100 per night for one dog, holiday rates and additional dog fees may apply. Your dog will need...

  • Dog food and Treats: maintaining your dog's current diet will help avoid any tummy upset. Please bring your dog's normal food and dog treats for them
  • Body Harness: If you intend for your dog to be involved in dog park
  • Comfort Items: If there is anything you want to bring your for your dog to make their experience better please feel free. We are always willing to add their personal dog beds and toys to their room.
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