What Is A Bark Ranger?

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The Bark is an 18,000 square foot dog park, beer garden, and doggy daycare located in Knoxville, TN. At our dog park safety comes first, so we have rangers, or as we like to call them Barkrangers! They have several important roles that help maintain a safe and clean environment for the dogs playing at The Bark.

Behavior Pre Checks

One of our safety measures at The Bark is performing a Behavior Pre Checks on every dog before they are allowed to play at The Bark. Our Barkrangers help guide dog owners and their dogs who visit us for the first time through this process. It only takes about 15 minutes. The Barkrangers will ask several questions about your dog's behavior history, check your dog's friendliness with people, then they will supervise a sniff test with one dog and then a sniff test with a group of dogs. If your dog does does well they pass and they can enjoy the dog park or doggy daycare services right away.

Playgroup Monitoring

Our Barkrangers are pet professionals. They are watching for body language and inappropriate play. They liaison between dog owners to make sure everyone is maintaining their dog's behavior and that every dog at the dog park is having fun. Barkrangers are trying to keep the peace between dogs and prevent problems before they happen. Our Barkrangers also engage in play with the dogs in our playgroups which can help maintain balance in the group, and is also just fun!

Playspace Sanitation

There is nothing worse than the public dog park being covered in feces while your dog is trying to run around. So many nasty parasites and diseases are spread through dog excrement. Our rangers making sure all visitors to the dog park are cleaning up after their dogs and if they see something laying around they know to pick it up right away. We use a veterinary standard cleaner and sanitizer that is safe for pets and kills Canine Adenovirus, Canine Coronavirus, Canine Distemper virus, Canine Influenza A virus, Canine Parainfluenza virus, Canine Parvovirus. The Barkrangers use this cleaner to sanitize our play spaces throughout the day.

Bring you dog to play with our Barkrangers and meet their new furry best friend. First time Barker? Create your pet profile using the pet portal!

Are you interested in becoming a Barkranger at The Bark in Knoxville, TN? Complete an application and you will hear a Bark from us about an interview!